Food System Story Maps

Welcome to the Palouse-Clearwater Food System!

Regional food systems have many places – such as farmers markets, community gardens, food banks, community kitchens, local food restaurants – where people can find or process local foods.  The Palouse-Clearwater Food Coalition is using Story Maps to provide you with a virtual tour of some of our regional food system’s local food places.

Palouse-Clearwater Food System Story Map

Click here to take a tour of the Palouse-Clearwater Food System.  Tell us about your experience of this visual tour by commenting on the PCFC Facebook page.

We need your help to continually improve these maps my adding photos and additional stops on the tour. If you have a photo you would like to share (we will give you photo credit!) or know of another asset we ought to add to our map, please let us know! You can reach us at

Please check back often, as our list of local food places is continually growing!