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Eating Local in the San Juan Islands!

A week hiatus for a little summer vacation to “the West Side” of Washington, gave me a great opportunity to explore local food in another part of agroecologically super-diverse, Washington State. Four days of kayaking in the San Juan islands with a great company that strives to source local food for their trips was particularly amazing!

We had lots of great food, including smoked salmon from the Friday Harbor seafood shop in wraps with this yummy salad mix from Mama Bird Farms on San Juan island. Later, we had the salad mix with amazing seasonal berries from Mount Vernon, accompanied by local goat cheese and Reisling and Basil vinaigrette from Lopez island.

We chose Crystal Seas Kayaking because of their efforts to support local food. More and more sources reinforce the value of patronizing local business, this includes doing so on vacation.

This was a great opportunity to eat delicious, local food, even though we weren’t at home. Of course, the picnic settings were pretty awesome too!

I’ve got another couple posts about eating local while having a great adventure in Washington state so stay tuned!

Do you love going to Western Washington this time of year? Do you have favorite foods in the San Juan islands? What is your favorite way to support local businesses on vacation? Comment below to inspire others!

Always with gratitude- especially to Shane McFarland for helping to clean up the messes I make!

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