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Palouse-Clearwater Food Assessments

Community food assessments help us better understand our regional food system.  Learn more about the Palouse-Clearwater regional food system by browsing the publications on this page.

To view community food assessments performed by other local and regional organizations, visit Idaho Food Works.


Analyzing the Local Food Assessment Process

Assessing a local food system: The Palouse-Clearwater Food Coalition assessment process: 2019

This study looks at the gaps in data collected in recent local food assessments and uses how community's can use food assessment data to illustrate the economic impact of the local food movement.

Full Journal Article


Palouse Clearwater Food Coalition Overview

Palouse Clearwater Food Coalition: 2010-2016

This presentation, by Cinda Williams, highlights the coalition's mission and objectives, and the work that the coalition completed in 2010 through 2016. 

Study Report 

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Palouse Clearwater Food Access Mind Map

Palouse Clearwater Food Coalition Food Access Collaboration Mind Map: 2016

This map is the outcome of a Ripple Effects Mapping session facilitated by Lorie Higgins at the 2016 Palouse-Clearwater Food Summit.

Mind Map


Palouse Clearwater Bioregion Food Network Map

Palouse Clearwater Bioregion Food Network Map Showing Producers and Markets by City: 2015

This map highlights the different producers and artisans selling value-added products within the Palouse-Clearwater Bioregion.  

Network Map

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North Central Idaho Food Security Study

Food Security in the North Central Health District of Idaho: 2014

This University of Idaho study looks at food security and insecurity in our region, highlighting key zip codes where these exist and identifying patterns that can help us better understand food access trends. 

Study Report 


Direct to Consumer Food Markets Study

Direct-to-Consumer Food Markets in the North Central Health District of Idaho: 2014

This report discusses the potential for the local food movement--specifically farmer's markets and CSAs--to emerge as an alternative to traditional agricultural production in the Palouse-Clearwater region.  

Study Report 


Palouse Clearwater Food System Assessment

Palouse Clearwater Food System Assessment Maps: 2014

A collection of maps illustrating the locations of community gardens, farmers, CSAs, value-added products, farmer's markets, commercial kitchens, livestock producers, grocery stores, food banks, and SNAP approved outlets identified through the food system assessment, in the region.

Assessment Maps 


Food Systems Infrastructure Assessment

2013 Palouse Clearwater Food Systems Assessment

This PCFC study provides and integrated overview of the components that make up the regional food system: including production, distribution, processing, consumption, and waste.

Full Assessment


Agriculture Infrastructure Assessment

Agriculture Infrastructure 
Assessment - Growing the Local Food System: 2013

This University of Idaho study features a collection of food systems data that will develop a better understanding of the community food system.

Full Assessment


Local Foods Resources Guide 

Palouse-Clearwater Local Foods Resources Guide: 2013

This guide includes listings of various food and beverage items, food access and education programs, and farmer's markets in the Palouse- Clearwater region.

Resource Guide

Food Systems Review

A Food System Review: First Steps in Initiating a Community Food Assessment for Latah County: 2012

This report, by Kate Makoff, explores the food system of Latah County and how the PFAC can fulfill their mission to build a more healthy and sustainable food system in this area.

Study Report 

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