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What would it look like to scale up local food production on the Palouse? Are there opportunities for more small farms and ranches? 

Access the recorded presentations from our 2022 Virtual Food Summit, posted below, where we explored these questions and expanded our vision of local food production on the Palouse!

Artistic Presentation & Introduction

     Five Lessons Learned from Our Year of Eating Locally

        Adriana Janovich, Pullman-based food, travel and features writer and editor Associate Editor, Washington State              Magazine, Washington State University

     Setting the Stage for Scaling Up Local Food Production on the Palouse

        Colette DePhelps, University of Idaho Extension, Northern District

        Click here for Colette's slides


Ignite! Session 1 – Local Food Production on the Palouse: Past and Present

     Palouse Band’s Principles of Cultural & Environmental Sustainability and Land Story

        AYATOOTONMI, Carrie Jim Schuster and ILL-LA-WAL-LA-LITZ-TUNMI  Ione I. Jones, M.S.A., Palouse Band

     Northwest Cornucopia -- The Palouse Landscape and Advent of Agriculture 

        Richard Scheuerman, Palouse Heritage

     Palouse Landowners Perspectives & Interest in Local Food Production

        Soren Newman & Darin Saul, University of Idaho College of Agriculture & Life Sciences Office of Grant & Project              Development

        Click here for Soren and Darin's slides

     Adaptability of Small-Scale Palouse Farms

        Ali Schultheis, University of Idaho Extension

        Click here for Ali's slides

Ignite! Session 2 – Opportunities for Increasing Local Food Production

     Water Available for Local Food Production in Whitman Co.

        R. Troy Peters, Extension Irrigation Specialist, Washington State University

        Click here for Troy's slides

     Water Available for Local Food Production in Latah Co.

        Michelle Fuson, Latah County Planning

        Click here for Michelle's slides

     Water Conservation Strategies on a Diversified Small Farm

         Robert Heinse, University of Idaho, Soil and Water Systems

         Click here for Robert's slides

      Grow More Food with Less Water!

          Iris Mayes, University of Idaho Extension, Latah County

      Evolutionary Breeding & Alternative Dryland Crops for the Palouse

          Kevin Murphy, Sustainable Seed Systems Lab, Washington State University

Ignite! Session 3 – Expanding Local Partnerships & Production

      Stewards of the Land: Conservation and Rehabilitation on the Palouse

         Jennifer Boie, Palouse Conservation District 

      Securing Farmland For the Future: Conservation Easements 

         Jaime Jovanovich-Walker, Palouse Land Trust

      Goat Ranching Opportunities on the Palouse

          Karen Kopf, Kopf Canyon Ranch

      The Collaborative Evolution of the Mobile Farm Stand

          Ashley Vaughan, Community Action Center

       Farm to Foodbank Program & Expanding Access to Regional Foods

          Morgan Wilson, Chief Development Officer, Idaho Foodbank

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