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Food Summit Videos
Browse videos of keynote, Ignite!, and other guest speakers from past Food Summits. 

Food Summit 2022
Food for All: Scaling Up Local Food Production on the Palouse

Featured Videos

Food Summit 2022 Ignite! Presentation: Palouse Band's Principles of Cultural & Environmental Sustainability and Land Story
Presenters: AYATOOTONMI, Carrie Jim Schuster and ILL-LA-WAL-LA-LITZ-TUNMI, Ione I. Jones, Palouse Band

Food Summit 2022 Ignite! Presentation: Grow More Food with Less Water!
Presenter: Iris Mayes, University of Idaho Extension- Latah County

Food Summit 2021
Answering the Call: Feeding Our Communities in Challenging Times

Featured Videos

Morning Panel & Discussion: Impacts of COVID-19 on the Palouse-Clearwater Region
Panelists: Dr. John Rusche, Mason Burley, and Colette DePhelps

Ignite! Presentation: Bread and Roses, Masks and Sanitizer
Presenter: Olivia Sivula, Food Not Bombs of the Palouse

Food Summit 2019
Resilience and Regeneration

Featured Videos

Stories Belong to Us: Weaving Connections, Creating Community
Keynote Speaker: Merna Ann Hecht

Ignite! Presentation: Creating a Local Food Culture
Presenter: George Skandalos, Chef/Co-owner of Maialina, Garden Lounge & The Moscow Hotel

Food Summit 2015
Financing Our Foodshed

Featured Videos

Ignite! Presentation: Spokane LINC
Presenter: Beth Robinette, Lazy R Ranch & LINC Foods Co-Founder

Ignite! Presentation: Moscow Urban Farm Company & Victory Farm
Presenter: Adam Reed

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