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Egg in a Nest

Here’s a quick little treat to bust out this weekend!

During our experience in Lesotho, we did not have a toaster. I know it sounds all “first world problems” but, I do like toast. I grew up with it, and after a solid year without toast, I started to miss it. At the same time, Shane decided to start one of his favorite exercise protocols, which called for a lot of protein. He wanted three eggs for breakfast, and I wanted toast. Enter, one of my childhood favorites: Egg in a Nest

I got home from work late the other night, the summer writing class I’m taking has ramped up and “real life” has hit hard this week! So, I wanted to make something quick, easy and good. My Egg in a Nest comfort-food came to mind, and came together, supported by the beautiful, dark, leafy greens that came in our CSA box. The eggs I’m using here are from Link’d Hearts, but could easily be gotten from Omache Farm or 12-Mile Market. All are farms with happy chickens (check out the link for a dose of my humor…)

Making Egg in a Nest:

1 slice of your favorite bread per egg

Eggs – depends on supply, number of servings and level of hunger

-cut a hole in the bread larger than the egg yolk

-grease a skillet

-throw both the “donut” and “donut-hole” parts of the bread into the pan

-crack an egg into the center and fry to your favorite egg-over-easy doneness level

-flip over

In the meantime:

-Coarsely slice dark leafy greens, like kale, chard, or spinach

-Including other goodies like spring garlic and/or garlic scapes and/or bacon(!) is delicious too

-once the eggs come out of the pan, a bit more oil (or bacon grease if that is your thing) can go into it with the greens right behind

-sautee for a few minutes and serve up with the egg in a nest and enjoy some serious comfort food!

Another great option, is to by-pass the bread, and just cook the eggs right on top of the leafy greens and shred some cheese on top – if you are into that sort of thing! Enjoy!

Is this a childhood favorite of yours? What do you call it? Never had it before? Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments!

Always with gratitude- especially to Shane McFarland for helping to clean up the messes I make!

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