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German Butter Ball Mash

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Local German Butter Ball potatoes grown at the WSU Organic farm have a very rough skin but a golden, buttery hue instead. This color is were I’m guessing the name comes from, as well as the texture, which is fairly creamy compare to a russet type baking potato.


Want to grow some butterballs this year? Find growing information here from Cornell University.


Because of this

I purchased my potatoes at the Moscow Food Co-op. You can find locally grown produce most frequently at the co-op. Notice the great signs showcasing where and by whom it was grown.

After seeing these lovely potatoes and knowing how delicious the Co-op sausages are, I decided it was a fine night for Bangers and Mash. A wonderful combination of mashed potatoes and bangers ( a type of sausage). While in the produce section, I spied this magnificent red kale.

Bangers and mash is pretty straight forward, so I didn’t use a recipe and I’m not going to include a specific recipe here just highlight what I did .

  1. Peel potatoes. The butter balls have a pretty thick skin. It is a late season potato so needs to have a pretty substantial protection against the elements.

  2. Next boil the taters, until tender.

While boiling taters, saute sliced onion- one small yellow – in some olive oil.

  1. Add bangers to the onion saute.

  2. Add some moisture of some kind to the bangers after it cooks for about 5-8 minutes. This could be beer, water, broil, or V-8. This time I used spicy V-8 and Worchestershire.

  3. Cook sausages until reach temp of 160 F. All ground meat needs to be cooked to 160 F.

  4. Add chopped kale when sausages are almost up to temp. Put a lid on your saute pan to steam the kale. Add spices you like here. My favorite is Galena Street from Penzey’s spices. Cook kale until tender -but not slimy!!!  Do us all a favor and don’t overcook greens. Kale is able to handle more cooking than spinach and swiss chard, which I value quite a bit as I hate slimy greens.

  5. Mash potatoes with a hand potato masher or mixer with beaters. Add in some milk and butter. Salt to taste. If you want a creamier mashed potato , add cream… yes of course, or use a hand immersion blender to get those taters super smooth. Again watch out for over beating this taters as they tend towards sticky, pasty consistency.

  6. Serve by putting a scoop of mashed potatoes into a boil. Stick the bangers sliced into 4 pieces in the potatoes, add your season cooked kale in the middle.

Shared by: Jessie Hunter

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