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To Catch a Slug, and Grow a Garden!- Jessie Hunter

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Mutilated Iris , I suspect slugs…

The bait…

The trap!

These bad boy slugs are chowing down on my irises. I caught and drowned some pretty good sized slugs last week with some leftover Blue Moon. We’ll see what I can catch this evening. The chickens loved the beer infused slugs too!

Jessie’s chicken house ( made by Ben Hunter).

Dog-free growing area nearly finished!

My raised beds area is looking great!

The secret? Pay someone who knows what they are doing to set the garden up right.

In my experience, it is extra challenging to grow a garden with dogs laying and pooping in the beds.

Today I started some snap peas and Scarlet Kale. The forsythias are blooming, so that means it’s time to prune the roses. The birds are making nests.

Happy Spring!

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