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Veggie Egg Sandwich

Things have been getting hectic again with another move coming this weekend. So, it is more quick and easy food these days and trying to sneak in as much nutrition while I’m at it.

I grew up on egg sandwiches, so they are also kind of a comfort food, but the simple version doesn’t pack the nutrional punch I usually look for in a good meal.

I’ve been in love with the fresh-baked Seeduction bread from the Moscow Food Co-op lately. Packed with whole grains and lots of nuts and seeds, I feel so good about eating this bread! Especially with the addition of some fresh, local free-range eggs from Link’d Hearts Ranch and fresh, local, organic vegetables that I picked up at the Moscow Farmer’s Market.

So, here it is the quick and easy, extra-nutritious egg sandwich:

Sautee some of your favorite kind of onion in your favorite cooking fat (butter is delicious if you’ve got it!) until translucent

(I’m looking forward to my photos getting better with our move!)

Add some yummy fresh red peppers from Tonnemaker farm and sautee for a minute or two more and then follow it with some sliced fresh kale from Deep Roots Farm.

Then, crack 2 fresh local eggs from one of the many great places to get them in the PCW region, and break their yolks, cook for a few minutes and then flip and finish cooking on the other side.

Spread some mayo on the bread, add some cheese and avocado if you like and then your egg, with some fresh strawberries from Aichele Farms.

Enjoy! Share any of your favorite variations in the comments!

Always with gratitude- especially to Shane McFarland for helping to clean up the messes I make!

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