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Weeknight Summer Dinner – a Quick Inspiration: with Salsa-Salad

At the height of summer in the Palouse-Clearwater region, we’ve got lots of amazing goodies that can be put together for a simple evening meal. Maybe you are working extra hard during harvest time, or to welcome the students back or maybe you’ve been out playing hard and want to throw together a quick “square meal” when you get home – This is when we use the grill, everyone knows it is hot in the summer and the grill is a great way to cook great food and keep that heat outside! So here’s some inspiration, with a brief “find it” interlude.

We’ve been eating a ton of chicken this summer thanks to our contract for monthly-ish chickens from Link’d Hearts Ranch. We feel great about eating their pasture-raised, family-farmed, deliciousness, and they are super versatile and easy to cook and use. We’ve also been loving the fresh sweet corn and peaches from Wilson Banner Ranch. Based in Clarkston, WA, these guys are staples in the local food scene of the Palouse-Clearwater region.

In their awesome van, they attend most markets in the region – like the Tuesday Grower’s Market at the 1912 building in Moscow, the Lewiston Farmer’s Market and where we usually catch-up with them, at the Pullman Farmer’s Market on Wednesday afternoons. They also have great opportunities to U-pick all kinds of tree fruit, like peaches, pears, nectarines and apples, at their farm. I can’t wait for their fall cider either!

Coming home with our fresh sweet corn, peaches and bag full of tomatoes and cukes from our CSA share is a great opportunity to grill up some chicken and super-fresh sweet corn, to have along with Salsa-Salad and a fresh peach (or more than one, if that’s your thing!)

The Salsa salad is the only thing that requires any actual preparation, which is mostly just dicing – check it out:

I took my standard salsa recipe of tomatoes, garlic, onion, chile pepper, cilantro, cumin, salt and lime juice, and added the very-abundant-this-summer cucumber to make it a “salad” – (it was also good with black beans, corn cut off the cob into this salad and probably could try bacon here too) and it was yummy with chips too…

After a quick dice of these veggies, mix ’em up and add them to your quick and easy dinner plate, and sit back (beer optional) to enjoy a delightful summer evening!

Please comment below if you love Wilson Banner Ranch and have seen them or their awesome van at other markets or doing other great things, what your favorite food that they grow is, and if you love summer peaches, sweet corn, tomatoes, and cucumbers!

Always with gratitude- especially to Shane McFarland for helping to clean up the messes I make!

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