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Stuffed Morels

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

This should be my last morel-specific post for awhile. If you are interested in morel preservation and general mushroom hunting make sure you check out the previous posts. Also, this great article from WSU news, on the “Shroom Boom” of the PNW, can attest that we are not the only ones obsessed with these amazing fungi this year!

Stuffed Morels – these recipes to me feel like they are approaching some pretty serious gourmet decadence. At the same time, they were actually pretty easy to put together. A 4 step process makes them pretty simple: prep mushrooms, make stuffing, fill mushrooms and then they get popped into the oven for awhile. They were great eating all week and can be served with a variety of things, including with salads or wraps. I froze a bunch and suspect they will come out of the freezer and reheating process in good shape.

I made two versions of these – both were delish! One was for carnivores and is essentially meatloaf in a mushroom and overlaps a lot with what you would stuff a pepper with. The other was vegan, made with black caviar lentils and rice – these would also be good with pretty much any kind of dairy!

Start by rinsing some good sized morels in salt water and cutting them in half, then placing them on an oiled baking sheet (I used a blend of canola and olive oil here):

Carnivore stuffing:

1 lb ground beef

2 c rice (note that this recipe can easily become paleo if the rice is omitted and more beef added)

2 cloves minced garlic or one finely chopped spring garlic

1 T crushed peppers

1 egg (optional)

salt, pepper and herbs to taste

Mix up the stuffing – I put a bit of balsamic vinegar in these for a bit of extra flavor

Next, use a spoon to scoop your stuff into the prepared mushroom halves then bake at 350 for about 45 minutes (depending on your oven) until the mushrooms are soft and the meat is fully cooked

These were so delicious and versatile, I put a couple of them on a bed of yummy fresh spinach greens from our CSA, added some garnishes like sunflower seeds for crunch and dried cherries from last summer for a bit of sweetness and a light misting of oil to serve it up like a salad. They were also great in lunch boxes through the week!

Vegan stuffing: (Eg: “Caviar”-stuffed morels) – does it get any more decadent!

3 c cooked black caviar lentils

2 c cooked rice

1 T crushed red pepper

garlic/onion/spring garlic – to taste

salt, pepper and your favorite herb – I included bay leaves, thyme and rosemary

I cooked the lentils and rice with the other ingredients so the flavor would infuse into the mixture.

Now, it is time to take a spoon and stuff the mushrooms. There are quite a few different options for how to fill them, using just a little stuffing or a lot – they were all good!

Bake these at 350 for about 45 minutes or until desired doneness – and enjoy!

Check out the photo at the top of the post for a lunchbox shot of both the carnivore and vegan versions with some roasted cauliflower.

Do you love trying different stuffings for mushrooms and other veggies? What goes into your lunchbox? Inspire others with your suggestions and comment below!

With Gratitude- especially to Shane McFarland for always helping to clean up the mess I make!

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