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Veggie-Hummus Sandwich

Here’s a quick classic. This one takes me back to always coveting the lunch of a vegetarian friend, who often brought this sandwich. It always looked so fresh, crisp and delicious, that I finally starting making these sandwiches for myself and they are always everything I dream of: fresh, hearty and delicious! They are great any time of year, but in late summer and early fall, all my favorite veggies for it are in season and abundant. One trick is to make the sandwich as soon as you can before eating it, to avoid the soggy-bread factor. Everything else is a snap in 5 steps.

All of these veggies are from our Omache Farm CSA, or the Moscow Farmer’s Market – yum, they are so fresh!

  1. Start with your favorite bread (optional to toast) – mine is usually sprouted and/or seedy but doesn’t have to be

  2. Grab some humus: you can make this up yourself with some locally delicious chickpeas or use another favorite hummus

  3. Spread the hummus on each slice of bread, I do this pretty generously, but do what feels right to you

  4. Then, (optionally – but adds some great protein) sprinkle some sunflower seeds right on top of the hummus

  5. Next, come the veggies – of course you can put whatever you like on it, it is your sandwich after all (you could even add a slice of turkey, chicken or bacon to it, if you’re wanting more extra protein). If you love this sandwich and decide to make it regularly, it could be good to keep some of the veggies prepped (with a food processor) on hand to speed up the prep time. My favorites here are: cucumber slices, sliced red pepper, shredded carrot, sliced red onion, herbs and sprouts if they are on-hand. Pack ’em in and close up that sandwich and have at it! If you’re feeling fancy and/or extra-hungry, you can have it with a light soup or salad, chips, a pickle, and/or cherry tomatoes!

Always with gratitude- especially to Shane McFarland for helping to clean up the messes I make!

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