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Co-op Brats on sale for Owner’s Week – Carol McFarland

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Brats on sale at the Co-op is too good of a thing to pass up, so here’s another quick and easy weeknight or busy-weekend, local and seasonal meal idea to serve up with them –

A red cabbage and carrot winter salad can kick up the veggie factor as a pairing with grilled bratwursts. Also, Brats are a great thing to have with all manner of the remains from last summer’s preserves.

I chose to serve homemade bread and butter pickles, preserved peach chutney (peaches from Wilson Banner Ranch last summer) and some stoneground mustard (this could probably be made locally, but wasn’t).This meal could also be rounded out with some roasted root veggies or bread and your favorite fixin’s.

The salad and root veggies could be made ahead and kept in the fridge to get this meal together after a long day doing other stuff

Here’s some pics from making the salad – prep went pretty quickly for this one, by throwing everything into my Ninja food processor!

Red Cabbage and Carrot Salad

1/3 head of Red Cabbage

3 carrots

1/2 onion (red) or shallot

*Optionally add –

1/2 celery root and/or parsley root from Deep Roots Farm at the Winter Farmer’s Market

Fresh grated ginger

Throw all of these in the food processor and chop them-

Then add your favorite vinaigrette! This can be as simple as combining:

Olive oil, red wine vinegar/apple cider vinegar or lemon juice and salt and pepper with some garlic and stoneground mustard and your favorite herbs – like fresh cilantro, parsley or thyme


A big Thank You to Shane McFarland for always helping to clean up the mess I make!

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